Understand the issues

We know that health can seem more daunting than safety. Isn’t it all science and white coats? Yes there is some of that. But, there are also familiar concepts like hazard awareness, risk management and cultural maturity.

Complimentary Leaders Workshop

That’s why right upfront we offer you a complimentary leaders workshop. We help your key people understand what health protection really is (there are plenty of myths to bust!) and the value it adds.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. Our interactive workshop is a two-way conversation, designed to guide you towards a ‘good enough’ understanding; so you can make an informed choice about the next steps in your health journey for your specific context.


Speaking and Presenting

We all know, and some will admit, that health has been the cinderella to safety for decades. Hidden hazards, delayed consequences and unfamiliar language all play their part. But, remember the 13,000? That’s why we are passionate about communicating the need for change and the solutions occupational hygiene provides.

We give keynotes, seminars, panels and webinars for all the major professional bodies, associations, regulators and expos in Health, Safety and Wellbeing. And we’re just as comfortable chairing and facilitating as we are speaking and contributing. Name your workplace health topic and we’ll deliver it with passion and flare. Or let us help shape your agenda to give your event the impact it deserves.


Free Resources

If you’re in the mood now, check out the articles, videos, blogs and links on our resources page to learn more about workplace health protection and occupational hygiene.