Tackle Specific Risks

When it comes to tackling health risks, competence, accreditation and experience matter. Our chartered hygienists and ergonomists have all of that in abundance and know exactly how to apply it for the benefit of you and your workforce.

Risk assessment and investigations

Whether your concern is dust, noise, welding fume or any physical, chemical or biological exposure hazard, we can provide the measurements you need to accurately assess the risk. And that doesn’t mean mountains of data that never gets looked at. Just the right data, presented in an accessible way and interpreted through the lens of experience to enable you to make the right decisions.

Sometimes it’s the other way around. You know there’s a problem, but aren’t sure what’s causing it. We apply a forensic occupational hygiene approach to track down the causes and show you the right control solution.


Are you in control?

Accurate assessment of health risks is only one side of the equation. Without the right control solutions no one’s health is protected, and those controls need to be implemented, maintained, explained and assured.

We understand the importance of both the technical and people aspects of control. We have the experience, across many sectors, of delivering comprehensive and effective control solutions and embedding a culture of continuous improvement to ensure your people are always protected.


Integration with occupational health

Workplace health is a multi-disciplinary field and occupational hygiene works in partnership with clinical occupational health to produce the best health outcomes for your people and your business.

Our qualified occupational health nursing experts can interface with your existing OH team or OH provider in areas like health surveillance and biological monitoring to maximise the health benefits of an integrated approach.