Measure your performance

Peter Drucker, the well known management thinker said “What gets measured gets managed.” Health protection metrics matter. Choose them well and they’ll drive improvement.

Leading Indicators

If you’re trying to manage health, by looking for ill-health then you’re ‘shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted’. Leading indicators are the name of the game, and that means focussing on controlling the exposures that cause ill-health in the first place.

We help you identify the right KPIs that will drive health protection improvement, not just measure ill-health occurrence: lighting your way to excellence.


Supply chain improvement

Managing the health performance of your supply chain, particularly in sectors like construction, is a significant part of overall health management.

We provide the tools to help you drive supply chain improvement and monitor performance so everyone pulls together to create health protection excellence.


Protection Assurance

We all know the ‘policy-practice’ gap, where implementation on the ground may not always reflect what’s been specified and systemised. With health protection, there is no substitute for checking that controls are being properly used and maintained.

Our expert hygienists help you assure the performance of your health risk exposure controls, providing you with the confidence that your people are protected every day.