Develop your strategy

Our goal isn’t to manage health protection for you, but to provide you with the expertise, systems and insight to enable your staff to rise to the challenge. To do that we help you plot a course from where you’re at to where you need to be.

Health protection excellence

Just as with accident prevention, health protection is about continuous improvement. If you’re going to get your strategy right you need to know what good looks like.

Our health protection excellence model identifies and explains the critical success factors and strategic enablers that need to be in place to ensure strategic success. We use it as a roadmap to help you develop a strategy that starts where you’re at and is contextualised for your business, integrating with your overall approach to Health, Safety and Wellbeing.


Collaborating for success

Good strategy is developed in team with the right people at the table. We have years of experience of working with executives and leaders from across industry, regulators and professional bodies.

We know how to draw out the right contributions from the right people and shape them into a cohesive practical health protection strategy that engenders buy-in across the organisation.


The tools for the job

Health protection excellence requires engagement at all levels of the organisation, but developing the right strategy requires proven management tools.

We offer a range of tried and tested tools, from a gap analysis of your health risk management system to an assessment of your overall business health risk profile and a measurement of your health cultural maturity. We coach your organisation through the implementation of each tool and the interpretation of the results, providing the insights you need to enhance performance.